Are Tummy Tucks a Permanent Solution?

/Are Tummy Tucks a Permanent Solution?

Are Tummy Tucks a Permanent Solution?

Unlike some other cosmetic surgeries and/or procedures, opting for a tummy tuck is typically a longer-term solution to excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal region. Most Miami women can expect that their beautiful tummy tuck results will last for decades. It is important to address abdominal muscle tightening also if necessary. The plastic surgeon will pull together any abdominal muscles that cause that bulging of the abdominal tissues including fat, skin and other abdominal structures.

Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck

Dr. Polo often includes this muscle repair and body contouring liposuction when he performs a tummy tuck surgery that is also known as a full abdominoplasty. Some women that do not have these bulging abdominal protrusions from herniated abdominal muscles often can get spectacular results with a shorter mini-tummy-tuck procedure that doesn’t include muscle repair or any liposuction. When patients have had a previous tummy tuck surgery that didn’t address their abdominal muscle herniation or love handles at their hips, Dr. Polo will determine if a full tummy tuck surgery will now remedy stretched abdominal muscles and excess abdominal fat tissue problems.

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon

Women that opt for a tummy tuck from a Miami plastic surgeon love their new hourglass figures that are evident after their tummy-tuck recovery time. Dr. Max Polo is revered as the Miami area’s most prominent mommy makeover surgeon. He can prove his sensational post surgery results with tummy tuck before and after photographs and many satisfied patient reviews. Over time, gravity does play a role in causing sagging skin as people age. Ladies should wait until they have finished having their children, as childbirth is a leading cause of the common looser and less-toned abdominal region that women are embarrassed about.

Abdominoplasty Miami Surgery

While no abdominoplasty procedure can guarantee absolute permanent results, women that choose to undergo a tummy tuck at Miami Plastic Surgery, by this reputable Miami plastic surgeon, are highly pleased with their bodies after they diligently follow Dr. Polo’s tummy-tuck recovery instructions. Their abdomens are flatter, tighter and free from excess skin creating a curvy silhouette that looks phenomenal. The incisions are generally placed where most swimsuit and clothing will hide them. Women are urged to maintain results with healthier lifestyle choices like following a low-fat diet, ensuring enough rejuvenating sleep and increasing regular exercise sessions. Visit our tummy-tuck page for further details and retention tips, or call 305-595-2969 today.

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