Essential Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips from the Experts

/Essential Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips from the Experts

Essential Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips from the Experts

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty Miami FL procedure is a common choice for women after having children. They want to get their lean figures back. After completing the surgery, however, there will always be some downtime. Recovery takes a few weeks, and some issues might persist for months. Be aware of the top tips during recovery because they will ease your body back into a normal routine.

Go With Compression after Abdominoplasty Miami FL Surgery

After a procedure, your body reacts with swelling at the site. This reaction is entirely normal. The body is working to heal the tucked area. Wear compression clothing around the treated site. The controlled pressure holds the swollen tissue in place so that further damage doesn’t occur as you move each day.

The compression reduces the pain that might emanate from the area. Ideally, wearing compression garments for most of your recovery period is recommended.

Fill up on Healthy Food

Any procedure of this type will put strain on the entire body. Refrain from drinking alcohol or eating junk food. Look for foods that have some nutritional value. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins will provide the nutrients that you need for a strong recovery. Without the right nutrients, the healing process takes longer. There may even be complications. Make it a habit to drink water too so that the swelling can diminish at a steady pace.

Get Moving

Sitting still might be your goal right now, but it doesn’t hurt to get up and move around. Try to walk around your home during recovery. Work up to a walk to the mailbox too. The act of walking puts normal pressure on your abdominals so that they can get back to work. Allowing them to rest too much will only hinder your recovery.

Put Your Pillows to Work

You saved up for the abdominoplasty cost, and now you can also buy extra pillows during recovery. As you sleep flat on your back, the abdominals may not be in a comfortable position. Prop pillows behind you and along your sides. You want to have a slight incline to your sleeping position to ease any weight on the torso. As the site heals, you can return to your normal position at night.

Abdominoplasty Miami FL Consultation

Contact us today for your abdominoplasty Miami FL consultation. Our team specializes in plastic surgery that looks natural and beautiful. Transform your body today. It’s time to gain that gorgeous figure back.

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