What Issues Can a Mastopexy Fix?

/What Issues Can a Mastopexy Fix?

What Issues Can a Mastopexy Fix?

A surgery that lifts drooping breasts by removing excess breast skin, altering the breast shape and raising the nipple up higher on the breast is a basic mastoplexy definition. Women who are typically candidates for this procedure are ladies that have lost significant volume in their breasts due to childbirth, breastfeeding, aging, significant weight loss and those women that are unhappy with their disproportionate breast sizes. When a woman comes for her consultation, the surgical options will be explained. Patients should also expect that mastoplexy before and after photographs will be taken.


Lots of women are coming to Miami Plastic Surgery to obtain mastoplexy-surgery that will lift up their current saggy breasts giving each patient a much younger body silhouette. Some ladies opt for this procedure as part of their Mommy Makeover plan. Many mature ladies desire more youthful and perkier breasts that appear fitter as well. It is important to find an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Max Polo, who has a good reputation with these sorts of cosmetic breast surgeries. Prospective patients can find more mastoplexy details and browse masteoplexy before and after pictures for astonishing proof of his sensational results.

Breast Surgery

It is important to have realistic expectations before any mastoplexy-surgery. Dr. Polo will perform a thorough assessment during each patient’s personal consultation time, and then he will recommend which technique and methods that will be best suited to each individual patient. Women that are unhappy with their smaller breasts or loss of top breast fullness often decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure at the same time. These two procedures will give many women the breast shape and size that they have always yearned for.

Mastoplexy Consultation

Prospective patients can get an approximate mastoplexy cost idea with some research on the subject. Miami Plastic Surgery offers reasonable financial options for their loyal patients. Call their office to discuss your options, and all prospective patients are urged to visit this practice’s informative website to evaluate breast surgery before and after surgical pictures to better envision realistic expected results. There are various incision techniques and methods that the surgeon will fully discuss with every patient at her individualized consultation pre-surgical appointment time. Call 305-595-2969 today to schedule your mastoplexy consultation. Other breast enhancing procedures like liposuction, implant insertion and previous surgical scar revision are often performed concurrently for better results.

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