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25 08, 2017

Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction

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Mothers considering breast reduction in Miami might wonder about breastfeeding afterwards. Is it still possible? This is your guide to breastfeeding after breast reduction - get all your questions answered. Milk Producing Glands It is a common question to wonder about your milk production after breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty). While you might want to perfect [...]

24 08, 2017

Which Breast Lift Is Better: Lollipop or Periareolar?

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There are many types of breast lifts, each being better for a certain level of sagginess or aesthetic look. Two of the most popular are the lollipop and periareolar breast lift. Which is better? Does each have its own specific benefits? Lollipop Benefits Over time, we plastic surgeons have improved our techniques for breast surgery. [...]

23 08, 2017

The Role of Compression Garments After a Tummy Tuck

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Plastic surgeons have discovered that tummy tuck in Miami Florida recovery is improved with a compression garment. For your tummy tuck healing, you can choose from different compression garment styles. Consider the three primary benefits of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) compression garment: 1. Comfort, 2. Mobility and 3. Edema Control. Improve Comfort First of all, [...]

22 08, 2017

What Is a Lollipop Breast Lift?

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Certain cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming commonplace. Depending on your age and condition, you can choose from a couple of different methods, including the lollipop breast lift. What exactly is this lollipop (also known as vertical) breast lift? Lollipop Look When you think about the lollipop name, you might think of candy or perhaps your [...]