How to Choose the Right Breast Size

/How to Choose the Right Breast Size

How to Choose the Right Breast Size

There are many woman living in and near Miami that are considering undergoing a breast augmentation operation to finally get the fuller and more youthful breasts that they have long been yearning for. These procedures are becoming much more common today, and the breast implants used have also been greatly improved. These newer models allow a skilled plastic surgeon to create more natural looking breasts that sit higher and have the volume desired by the patient.

Breast Augmentation – Changes In Breast Size

Scores of women notice that their breasts have changed after they had one or more children. The hormones a woman produces during pregnancy accounts for some of the changes during that time. Breastfeeding often results in less top cup breast volume and sagging after the baby is weaned. Additionally, breast volume, shape and perkiness can change as a woman ages. Many women decide that they want to undergo a breast augmentation to make their bodies look better and/or more youthful in appearance. A prominent Miami plastic surgeon is revered by Florida patients and other cosmetic specialists for his ingenious “Mommy Makeovers” popular with many women.

A Bigger Mommy Makeover Plan

A beautifying breast implant surgery can be part of a bigger Mommy Makeover plan. Dr. Max Polo of Miami Plastic Surgery is able to offer highly personalized Mommy Makeover treatment plans that give each woman a body that looks toned, fit and slimmer. Is is better if new moms wait until most of the excess pounds gained during pregnancy are lost before opting for a slimming tummy tuck operation that can be added to a Mommy Makeover care plan. Interested ladies can see how a breast implant procedure can improve their looks by viewing some of Dr. Polo’s many breast augmentation before and after photographs.

Deciding How You Want Your Breast To Look

Dr. Polo uses these enlightening breast augmentation pictures to help a woman decide on the specifics of how she wants her breasts to look. This will all be thoroughly discussed, and this talented plastic surgeon will offer his expertise recommendations to ensure that each patient gets a satisfying and completely natural end result. During this informative initial consultation time, the details regarding breast augmentation recovery specifics will also be reviewed, and patient questions will be answered. Become part of the elite women thrilled and awed with their breast augmentation before and after surgery body appearance results. Phone Dr. Max Polo 305-595-2969 today!

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