What to Expect During Your Breast Reduction Recovery

/What to Expect During Your Breast Reduction Recovery

What to Expect During Your Breast Reduction Recovery

Some bustier women do not like their enlarged breasts. Many complain of back and shoulder pain. Sometimes these larger breasts inhibit a woman’s movements. After childbirth and/or breastfeeding, some women then lose weight but might retain their enlarged breasts. In these scenarios, women often opt to undergo a breast reduction surgery to alleviate their pain and other unwanted symptoms. Most women that do have this surgical procedure are happier about their smaller sized and more proportionate breasts following the breast reduction.

Breast Reduction in Miami

Many women that desire a breast reduction in Miami have found that Dr. Max Polo has a thriving practice and a fantastic reputation. A breast reduction can be part of a larger Mommy Makeover plan that Dr. Polo is revered for. Approximately 45,000 women each year elect to undergo breast reduction surgery that may include liposuction too. Women in Miami often despair that they cannot wear the cute clothing seen on ladies with more proportioned breasts. This can lead to poor body image and even depression in some cases.

Safe & Effective Breast-Reduction

Those that yearn for a safe and effective breast surgery by a Miami plastic surgery practice often choose Dr. Polo. He will take the time to discuss each woman’s unique case, answer her questions and determine the best route to take surgically. Dr. Polo, like most plastic surgeons, takes pictures of patients both before and after breast-reduction operations that help patients to see the stunning results. If women are patients of Dr. Polo, the surgery will likely be scheduled as an outpatient procedure depending on various factors. Patients will need to arrange for someone to drive them home following surgery/discharge. Patients should have someone stay with them overnight that first night after the breast reduction is performed.

Breast Reduction Recovery

While some women tend to worry about their expected breast reduction recovery phase, they often are relieved that most of their concerns are not real. To ward off pain, swelling and other discomfort, keep head and chest elevated, wear the prescribed ace bandage wraps and then the special soft support bra that is wireless. Take oral medications as directed. Avoid heavy lifting and reaching arms overhead during the initial breast reduction recovery time. There may be temporary drains, gauze bandages and removable sutures. Most dissolving sutures are eventually absorbed and showers resume as surgeon directs. . Call 305-595-2969 for your breast consultation scheduling.

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