How to Choose Between a Lollipop and Periareolar Breast Lift

/How to Choose Between a Lollipop and Periareolar Breast Lift

How to Choose Between a Lollipop and Periareolar Breast Lift

You’ve had one or two children in the past decade. As a proud mother, you’re ready to focus a little bit of attention on yourself. Looking in the mirror might be difficult, however, because giving birth and raising young children takes its toll. You want your breasts to look like they used to as a 20-year-old woman. With today’s surgical options, you can almost turn back the hands of time. Learn about the differences between a lollipop and periareolar breast lift in Miami. You can make an educated decision from that point forward.

Minimally Invasive Selection

If you’re looking for the least invasive type of procedure, a periareolar breast lift is the best choice. It’s also known as the crescent lift because the only incision is a semicircle just above your areola or nipple region. The surgeon uses this incision to lift the nipple area into a more attractive position. There are no other incisions, which makes scars almost nonexistent.

Breast-Tissue Removal

When women have a lollipop breast lift, some breast tissue is removed from the chest. This procedure is known as the lollipop because the doctor creates an incision that looks like the candied treat. The incision wraps around the areola and extends below it in a vertical line.

Within the vertical line, the doctor can remove a portion of the breast tissue in order to lift the area. During a periareolar lift, tissue isn’t typically removed.

A Subtle Lift

You may not be looking for a dramatic change. A basic, breast lift Miami is all that’s necessary. Choose a periareolar breast lift in this case. The final look is just slightly different than before. The nipple area is simply being relocated as opposed to altering the tissue beneath it. For many women, subtle is the best way to feel better about themselves.

Recovery Times

In general, a surgery with fewer invasive maneuvers will offer a shorter, recovery period than other procedures. With this fact in mind, periareolar-focused breast lift recovery takes less time than lollipop procedures. Keep in mind that every person is unique so recovery can vary. Your doctor can go over specific information as the surgery date approaches.

Schedule your periareolar breast lift in Miami

It’s time to put yourself first. Contact us to schedule a periareolar breast lift consultation. A breast lift procedure doesn’t have to be a foreign concept. Today’s surgical techniques minimize scarring and recovery times. With one procedure, you’ll have breasts that feel and look youthful once again.

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