Signs That You Need Breast Reduction Surgery

/Signs That You Need Breast Reduction Surgery

Signs That You Need Breast Reduction Surgery

Women that have developed or have always had larger than average breasts often present with back, neck and/or shoulder pain. Very pendulous breasts can feel heavy, and these women often have movement limitations as a result. As women age, the pull of gravity tends to cause the breast tissue to sag. Ladies with overly full breasts often dislike how clothes fit and wish to change the size, shape and appearance of their breasts by opting for a breast reduction in Miami. Contact Miami Plastic Surgery to set up a breast reduction Miami consultation with Dr. Max Polo.

Common Signs That Can Indicate the Need for a Breast Reduction

Top plastic surgeons say that there are some common signs that women often notice that can indicate the need for a breast reduction Miami procedure. These signs include above mentioned back, neck and shoulder pain, difficulty with arm movements, difficulty walking and stretched breast tissue that further causes the heavy breast tissue to sag downward. Other signs include health ailments, poor body image, obesity, breast area infections, rashes and difficulty finding and wearing properly fitting support bras.

Advantages of Undergoing a Rejuvenating Breast Reduction in Miami

Many ladies are choosing to undergo a breast reduction by a Miami plastic surgeon best known as the “Mommy Makeover” doctor. Even women with average or smaller breasts can still notice physical changes in their breasts like droopiness and less skin elasticity. Pregnancies and breastfeeding are also leading causes of changes in breast tissue mass and overall appearance. These women might be helped with a simple breast lift. A breast lift is also part of the general breast reduction operation that gives patients perkier breasts that sit higher up the chest in a natural manner that is reminiscent of younger breasts.

Patient Concerns Before and After Breast Reduction Miami Surgery

One of the most common concerns that women have about getting a breast reducing surgery involve fears of the recovery process and worries that their breasts will look vastly different or unnatural. This is why a credible plastic surgeon reviews every detail in the initial consultation appointment. Prospective patients can ask questions, review other case photos and learn how to prepare for and recover from the operation. Always follow each postoperative instruction exactly, and tell the surgeon all of your prescribed and OTC drugs or supplements. Call us for more breast reduction Miami information, or use our online contact form.

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