Finding the Right Bra After Your Breast Lift in Miami, Fl

/Finding the Right Bra After Your Breast Lift in Miami, Fl

Finding the Right Bra After Your Breast Lift in Miami, Fl

Women that have larger breasts often are shocked when their breasts begin to sag. This may occur after bearing and breastfeeding babies, or it could be the natural result of gravity and time. When this happens, women often notice that their breasts become sore. Some some women even develop back and shoulder pain as a result. Many women living in Florida decide to undergo a breast lift surgery that can return their breasts to a more youthful position. Contact Dr. Max Polo to learn more about the Breast Lift Miami FL surgery.

What is a Breast Lift Miami FL Surgery?

When a plastic surgeon performs a breast lift, the breast tissue is lifted up and attached higher on the chest after excess skin due to sagging is trimmed away. Ladies that opt to get their breast lift by a Miami FL plastic surgeon can schedule an easy consultation appointment to fully discuss this cosmetic procedure and “Mommy Makeover” options. Sometimes, other cosmetic procedures are performed at the same time as the breast lift. The surgeon might recommend an augmentation surgery to place implants to round out the top breast shape and give it more fullness.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Miami FL Cost?

Like most other cosmetic procedures, the cost of a typical breast lift will vary between doctors, amount if any an insurance will cover and surgical supplies used during the procedure. Prospective patients needing more financial information should select a plastic surgery practice that offers some financial plans, credit options and payment plans to cover the costs of this worthwhile surgery. If the patient has had a mastectomy due to cancer, or if she underwent breast surgery in the past, there may be extensive scarring that will take the surgeon longer to resolve. These kinds of situations do alter the costs accordingly.

Breast Lift Miami FL Consultation

If is very important to follow your surgeon’s discharge instructions exactly. During your pre-surgery office consultation, all of the recovery details will be thoroughly explained. A special bra without wires, hard seams or other skin irritants needs to be purchased. Some plastic surgeons offer this type of bra to wear immediately post-operative. The bra should have soft mesh type fabric that allows the site to breathe, and there should be no constricting features. Usually, the surgeon will recommend a certain bra style until the area is fully healed. Individuals can research breast lift surgery details and Mommy Makeover options via Breast Lift Miami FL today. Call 305-595-2969.

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