What Is the Right Age for a Mastopexy?

/What Is the Right Age for a Mastopexy?

What Is the Right Age for a Mastopexy?

Currently, many ladies living near or within Miami, Florida are undergoing a mastopexy or breast lift surgery. During a mastopexy, the surgeon will reshape the existing breast tissue and nipple regions to lift up the breast tissue higher. It is common for the surgeon to also remake the nipple area also higher up. The breast tissue is gently pulled back and tacked in less noticeable areas to achieve that perkier position seen in younger women. Contact Miami Plastic Surgery for a Mastopexy Miami FL consultation with Dr. Max Polo.

How a Mastopexy Can Benefit a Woman

Undergoing a mastopexy can really benefit a woman in a wide variety of ways. First, the result will appear natural, and those that do notice a change often assume that the woman lost some weight or performed rigorous exercise to tone the chest area. A mastopexy, commonly misspelled as mastopexy in online searches, gives a woman a younger looking chest appearance. Patients will find it easier to find warm weather tops and swimsuits that fit without looking funny. Patients that have a positive attitude and realistic expectations on the surgical results often report higher self-confidence and increased uplifted moods.

Best Age for Getting a Breast Lift

The best age for getting a breast lift will depend on a number of possible factors. This surgery is recommended for women that have noticed breast sagging after they are finished having children. While this procedure can be done after a birth, it may have to be repeated if the woman becomes pregnant again. Extreme changes in weight also can affect the appearance of the breasts. Most patients are middle-aged or older.

Is the Mastopexy Miami FL Cost Worth the End Results?

There are more expensive cosmetic surgeries that an individual can undergo. The actual mastopexy Miami FL costs will still vary among different surgeons, any health insurance plan, length of surgical time, number of surgical and recovery supplies and other types of criteria. Your surgeon will review expected costs during your first consultation appointment. Ask about convenient and easy financial options available for eligible patients.

Advantages of Choosing to Undergo a Cosmetic Mastopexy Miami FL

Dr. Max Polo often performs a mastopexy for Miami FL women as part of their transforming “mommy makeover” plans that this respected plastic surgeon is well-known for. He is considered one of the best mastopexy Miami FL surgeons. Contact us for more information.

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