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Mommy Makeover Surgery Miami, FL

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding often result in significant changes in the structure and appearance of your body. At a time when you should be overjoyed, depression about your new body can set in. A mommy makeover may be just what the doctor ordered for a happy new mother.

Mommy makeover surgery can consist of one or a combination of various procedures, most commonly:

Mommy Makeover Surgery - Dr. Max Polo

Mommy Makeover Pre-Op Information & Tips

Before your Mommy Makeover surgery:

  • Stop smoking and quit recreational drugs.
  • You may require a mammogram or breast X-rays prior to surgery so the surgeon has a preoperative image of your breast tissue.
  • Discuss the extent of the surgery, the estimated time it will take, and what your pain and nausea management will involve with your doctor.
  • Take pre-op medications or adjust your existing medications.
  • Avoid taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as they can increase bleeding.
  • You are usually asked to not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery.

Mommy Makeover Post-Op Instructions

After your Mommy Makeover surgery:

  • Pain interferes with healing, so manage it correctly.
  • Monitor your temperature regularly as an elevated temperature could indicate an infection.
  • Take the full course of antibiotics.
  • Follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions to the letter.

Mommy Makeover Information

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    Why you should choose Dr. Max Polo for your Mommy Makeover Surgery in Miami

    With Ivy League qualifications and over 17 years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Max Polo specializes in identifying appropriate candidates and employing the latest techniques. Dr.Polo’s greatest experience and expertise is in breast and body contouring procedures, including: breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction, breast cancer reconstruction, liposuction, fat transfer for gluteal augmentation, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), Cellfina cellulite treatment, buttock and thigh lift, and arm lift (brachioplasty). He will help each patient find the best mommy makeover procedure to meet their goals and achieve a superior and natural looking result.

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