Which Breast Lift Is Better: Lollipop or Periareolar?

/Which Breast Lift Is Better: Lollipop or Periareolar?

Which Breast Lift Is Better: Lollipop or Periareolar?

There are many types of breast lifts, each being better for a certain level of sagginess or aesthetic look. Two of the most popular are the lollipop and periareolar breast lift. Which is better? Does each have its own specific benefits?

Lollipop Benefits

Over time, we plastic surgeons have improved our techniques for breast surgery. We understand that patients do not want obvious scars, so we have attempted to accomplish more using smaller and fewer incisions. The lollipop breast surgery is an example of this approach. It offers a moderate increase in the fullness and height of your boobs. There are two basic incisions – one circle around your areola and one vertical line down therefrom. If you want a medium lift, then this is the best for you. You also will not have as much scar tissue as the largest breast lift procedure type.

Periareolar Benefits

Do you want more of a touch-up for your breasts? Do you only have minor sagging? Would you like to minimize the resulting scar? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the periareolar (keyhole) breast lift might be ideal for you. This Miami breast lift procedure gives you a small increase in fullness and height. It is called the keyhole because of the incision cut. When a locksmith comes to change a lock, he cuts out a circle – just like the periareolar incision. It is a minimal incision with minimal scar tissue. This periareolar lift might make your breasts stand out in your bikini and offers the best opportunity to hide the fact that you underwent plastic surgery.

What Do You Want?

Thankfully, you have choices nowadays for breast lifts. The lollipop breast lift offers a moderate upgrade. The periareolar breast surgery offers a small upgrade. You can decide which is best for you at this moment in time. We will take good care of you during breast lift recovery. We can discuss how much time you should take off from various activities. If you are still uncertain of which breast lift procedure to choose, come on in for an initial consultation. A breast lift in Miami beauty clinics can improve your life. You can have more control over your look. You might be able to update your wardrobe to show more cleavage. Have fun with breast lift surgery – you deserve it.

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