The Role of Compression Garments After a Tummy Tuck

/The Role of Compression Garments After a Tummy Tuck

The Role of Compression Garments After a Tummy Tuck

Plastic surgeons have discovered that tummy tuck in Miami Florida recovery is improved with a compression garment. For your tummy tuck healing, you can choose from different compression garment styles. Consider the three primary benefits of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) compression garment: 1. Comfort, 2. Mobility and 3. Edema Control.

Improve Comfort

First of all, some cosmetic surgeons recommend compression garments for tummy tuck surgery and other don’t. Your body is a truly amazing machine. It is flexible, adaptable and versatile – allowing you to accomplish so much in your life. After a tummy tuck in Miami, your body will need to heal itself. The compression garment gives us easier access to inspect your surgical dressings during the early postoperative period. The best compression garments are comfortable, flexible and form-fitting with plenty of accessible panels. After your mini tummy-tuck procedure, we might place you in a compression garment once your local anesthetic catheters have been removed. This garment might cover your entire trunk and breasts. Its open crotch allows for undergarments to be placed over them. You can choose from a one-piece swimsuit or upper thigh style.

Body Mobility

While healing from an ankle twist, you might use an ankle brace for more support. The same is true for abdominoplasty recovery. Your stomach area has muscles used for twisting, moving and rising. Your compression garment can assist with your mobility (especially changing positions) as you sit, lay down and move about during tummy-tuck recovery. It replaces the lost strength after your mini tummy tuck.

Control Edema

Tummy tuck before and after can deliver amazing results, but it does take time. You might need to go through at least a month of wearing the compression garment during your tummy-tuck in Miami recovery. One unfortunate side effect of the abdominoplasty is that your lymphatic system is partially weakened. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing excess fluids, which can cause edema (swelling). Eventually, your lymphatic channels will heal, but the compression garment can prevent swelling in the meantime. The level of swelling varies by patient. We want you to be comfortable after your tummy tuck procedure. Compression garments support your midsection during tummy tuck recovery. You can optimize the results of your tummy-tuck surgery with compression garments.

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