Weight Gain After Tummy Tuck: What You Need to Know

/Weight Gain After Tummy Tuck: What You Need to Know

Weight Gain After Tummy Tuck: What You Need to Know

Isn’t a tummy tuck supposed to be a cosmetic surgery weight management procedure? But, what happens if there is weight gain after tummy tuck: What you need to know.

Tummy Tuck Advantages

Weight loss is big business with many Get Thin Quick offers. Some will suggest that you take a tiny pill and all your troubles will be solved. Abdominoplasty is not really part of that mindset. Our plastic surgeons complete the mini tummy tuck procedure for contouring purposes. Of course, you will continue to need to follow a healthy diet and regular fitness routine. Our abdominoplasty focus is on reshaping your abdomen, aiming for the desired hourglass look. After tummy tuck recovery, you might receive a boost in self-esteem because of how you look, but you must continue to watch your weight.

Weight Gain Possible

In truth, your appetite is partially based on your stomach size. Therefore, after the tummy tuck in Miami reduces and tightens your abdomen section, you might experience a small reduction in your appetite. You feel full sooner than you did before. Of course, this can assist you with weight management. But, this might be only a short-term effect. Eventually, your new body metabolism will compensate and adjust itself. You can always try other cosmetic surgeries alongside your abdominoplasty – liposuction, fat transfer or Mommy Makeover. These allow you to focus on specific areas of concern.

Post Tummy Tuck Solutions

Another rumor that our tummy tuck in Miami industry hears is that once fat is removed from your abdomen, all the other fat in your body will re-distribute itself to the stomach area. Is this true? Experts note that there will be only a small redistribution of fat after a abdominoplasty. Remember, that the other parts of your body still need fat; that has not changed. Therefore, they are not able to compensate for the fat removed from your mid-section. If you have significant weight gain of more than 25%, then fat redistribution can be an issue. This is because you are adding extra fat to your body and it will move to the areas that are leanest. So, how do you prevent this? Watch your weight after your tummy tuck surgery. Schedule a consultation to discuss your Abdominoplasty recovery. Perhaps, there are other cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you get the ideal body.

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