The Different Types of Breast Lift

/The Different Types of Breast Lift

The Different Types of Breast Lift

Old age and pregnancy can do a number on your body. It might be time for you to consider the latest in cosmetic surgery. Learn about the three most common breast lift surgery (mastopexy) types.

Traditional Wise

Let us be blunt – sagging breasts might be called granny breasts. Nobody can escape the laws of gravity. It would be wonderful if your breasts could be as buoyant as when you were younger, but Father Gravity has another plan. Drooping breasts might make you feel old. The primary differences in the aforementioned breast lift surgery types are the number of incisions, incision placement and degree of sagginess, which can be improved. The Traditional Wise Pattern (aka Anchor) Breast Lift technique consists of three incisions being made: around nipple, vertical from nipple to fold and a crescent along the breast fold. This is best for very droopy breasts, associated with old age. It allows for the removal of the most excess skin and tissue.

Lollipop Brest Lift

Age, pregnancy, genetics and weight changes can lead to drooping breasts. Over time, this can be very tough on the back. The second technique is called the Lollipop (aka Circumvertical) Breast Lift. The Lollipop Breast surgery involves incisions around nipple and vertical from nipple to fold. This is used for moderate breast sagginess. The goal is to remove some extra skin and tighten the surrounding skin to improve shapeliness, contouring and projection. This might be part of a Mommy Makeover.

Periareolar Breast Lift

The third technique is called the Periareolar (aka Circumareolar or Donut) Breast Lift. Unlike the previous techniques, the Periareolar Breast surgery does not seek to remove excess skin, but focuses on your areola. This might have become larger after pregnancy or due to weight gain. The Periareolar Breast Lift involves a single incision near your nipple. This is best for women who only want a minor improvement (perhaps to improve their bikini look); it allows for the nipple to be elevated. Also, note that you might drop one cup size after breast lift surgery in Miami. Looking great can renew your mental image. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, along with the breast lift cost. Our board certified plastic surgeons can identify which of the procedures might be best for your situation. Look young, vibrant and peppy.

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