Silicone or saline? Here’s what breast augmentation specialists say!

/Silicone or saline? Here’s what breast augmentation specialists say!

Silicone or saline? Here’s what breast augmentation specialists say!

If you have ever considered the breast augmentation procedure before, you might have wondered about the differences in materials – silicone or saline. Which is better? Are both safe? Here’s what breast augmentation Miami specialists say!

Silicone Advantages

Silicone breast implants have changed dramatically over the years in two respects. First, the original silicone gel had a syrupy consistency. The modern silicone is much more sticky and cohesive. It congeals into one shape, more readily. The modern silicone molecules have more cross-linking functionality. This increases the chances that the silicone gel will remain within the elastomer shell. This superior gel cohesivity has improved the performance of breast implants. Second, there is an oil permeating the entire silicone breast implant. The modern elastomer shell was made more impermeable to these silicone oils, preventing leakage. The silicone implant can maintain its shape longer than the saline implant. Unfortunately, if the silicone implant ruptures or leaks, patients can go months or years without knowing it. Which is why you are going to want to check out your plastic surgery Denver branch to ensure everything is okay.

Saline Advantages

Originally, women had only the saline implant available. These are filled with salt-water. The saline implant is not pre-filled; therefore, the breast incision site can be smaller. The resulting scar also will be smaller. The texture is more rippled. Some believe that the saline implant has a firmer feel to it. Another advantage is that patients will know when their implants leak. Scientists have discovered that the overall rate of capsular contracture is slightly lower for saline than silicone implants. The average lifespan of a saline breast implant is about a dozen years.

What kind of breast augmentation procedure do you want?

The FDA has confirmed that both silicone and saline implants are safe. Besides filler material, there are also different sizes and shapes for breast implants. You can also change your breast implant footprint, projection and texture. Each implant is ideally suited to each patient. We can discuss all of the elements of your Miami breast augmentation procedure, so you will have the best results. Breast implantation is a very common procedure. We will assist you with post op breast augmentation. We will give you some prescription drugs to help with breast augmentation recovery. We will also discuss time frames for resuming various activities. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We can discuss what you want out of your breast augmentation surgery. Get the ideal look that fits your ideal lifestyle goals with the right breast augmentation Miami procedure.

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