Breast Augmentation Complications: What You Need to Know

/Breast Augmentation Complications: What You Need to Know

Breast Augmentation Complications: What You Need to Know

Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts, leaving them looking round, lifted, and natural. Before undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, however, it’s important to understand the potential complications.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

This procedure is used to boost the volume of the breasts via fat transfer or implants. Some women choose to undergo this procedure to improve the symmetry and silhouette of their breasts. Others seek breast augmentation post-pregnancy, hoping to restore their natural volume. A quick look at breast augmentation before and after photos will attest to the effectiveness of this procedure.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

At the beginning of the breast procedure, the surgeon makes an incision. There are several common incision types. Some surgeons prefer to make transaxillary incisions along the armpits. Others favor inframammary incisions, which are made on the fold under the breasts. Another option is periareolar incisions. These are made along the edge of the areola. Patients should discuss these options with their surgeon, as the chosen technique depends on everything from anatomy to type of breast implant.

Once the incision is made, the surgeon inserts the implant. This implant may be placed beneath the pectoral muscle or right behind the breast tissue. Once the implant is in place, surgeons close the incisions with sutures.

What Are the Potential Complications?

Like any surgery, this procedure can lead to complications. The surgery itself could lead to excessive bleeding or infection. After the surgery, patients may notice unsightly scarring or changes in nipple sensation. Some patients experience seroma, which means fluid accumulation, and other deal with capsular contracture, which is caused when scar tissue tightly coats the implant. Other potential complications include implant leakage, faulty positioning of implants, and lasting pain. When patients choose a highly experienced surgeon, however, many of these risks are minimized.

What Is Breast Augmentation Recovery Like?

After the surgery, the breasts are wrapped in gauze. Patients are also given a surgical bra, which helps to keep the breasts in place as they heal. Surgeons may prescribe painkillers to alleviate any pain during the days immediately following surgery. During the first few days, patients can expect swelling and discomfort. After a few weeks, the swelling will begin to dissipate, and patients can return to their normal lives.

To learn more about this procedure, check out our breast augmentation pictures. This Miami breast augmentation surgery is a great way to enhance the size and silhouette of the breasts. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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