Implant or Own Tissue? Know Your Breast Augmentation Options

/Implant or Own Tissue? Know Your Breast Augmentation Options

Implant or Own Tissue? Know Your Breast Augmentation Options

More women today are undergoing breast augmentation as an elective cosmetic procedure, or as a result of a mastectomy due to cancer or other health issue. Most women are surprised that some women can opt to use their own tissue rather than inserting implants. This involves taking fat grafts from other body areas to inject into the breasts. An experienced plastic surgeon should evaluate each woman’s case to determine if this route is the best option. Visit Miami Plastic Surgery for your breast augmentation Miami consultation with Dr. Max Polo.

How to Determine if a Breast Augmentation Miami Surgery is Right for Your Situation

Scores of women elect to undergo a breast augmentation by a Miami located plastic surgeon that specializes in these types of breast surgeries. Every woman considering this procedure should carefully review her unique situation and her ultimate end result expectations with her chosen plastic surgeon. Mastectomy patients can often undergo this procedure using her own tissue. All options will be addressed with every patient during her informative initial consultation appointment.

What to Expect Following Breast Augmentation Miami Surgery

There are some common things that women should expect following any type of breast augmentation Miami surgery. The patient will be put under general anesthesia, and the patient might have to spend time in the hospital or stay overnight in an outpatient clinic depending on the particular surgery and patient health. A special support bra made of soft mesh material will be worn immediately following the operation and for the next 6 weeks. Expect to be limited in movement with no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for approximately 6 weeks as well. After surgery instructions include wound care, specialized massage and avoidance of sunlight to the surgical site for a year.

Why Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation Miami Surgery is Crucial

It is wise to carefully choose a surgeon skilled in breast augmentation operations. Each patient will have the opportunity to ask questions and review other details during that initial consultation appointment. Pick a plastic surgeon with the credentials, experience and background for the best results.

What is the Breast Augmentation Cost in the Miami, Florida Area?

Prospective patients wanting to know the expected breast augmentation Miami cost will also find this information out during the consultation. These charges do vary depending on the patient health history, procedure extent, surgical time needed and required supplies. Call our office for information.

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