Tummy Tucks and Weight Loss – a Guide

/Tummy Tucks and Weight Loss – a Guide

Tummy Tucks and Weight Loss – a Guide

Undergoing a tummy tuck does not mean that individuals will keep their slimmer contours forever. After surgery, individuals need to maintain their new shape by eating healthy and working out regularly. If a healthier lifestyle is not followed, extra pounds can be put back on especially in the abdominal, hip and buttocks areas for women. As women age, the tendency for gaining weight in the stomach region becomes greater. Extra care should be taken after a tummy tuck recovery to ensure continued midsection slimness.

Abdominal Procedure Satisfaction

Any weight gain in the abdominal region can be hard to lose. Those that do lose the weight often have sagging abdominal skin that looks unattractive. Women are often embarrassed to wear swimsuits or other clothing that highlights their abdomen. Many women are satisfied with the tummy tuck by a Miami plastic surgeon well known for his “Mommy Makeovers” that can include impressive abdominoplasty procedures. This respected plastic surgeon has lots of incredible abdominal procedure before and after photos that prove his skill as a surgeon.

Tummy Tuck Consultation Details

During an initial consultation with a renowned and talented plastic surgeon, known for natural-looking abdominal surgery, the surgeon will discuss the best surgical options with each patient. Sometimes, a mini tummy tuck can give good results. Other patients will need a more extensive tummy tuck to achieve the same fantastic results. Weight loss tips and recommended, after the abdominal procedure recovery is completed, exercise guidelines will be also discussed. The phenomenal results of a abdominal procedure in a Miami plastic surgery setting can be kept decades after the surgery if a healthy weight is maintained by proper exercise and healthy eating practices.

Women that have lost a lot of abdominal weight often notice that they just can’t seem to shake off those stubborn middle region pounds. Even when fat is lost, poor muscle tone and loose skin can cause the abdomen to have a wrinkled unsightly appearance. During a full tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure, the surgeon can carefully pull the stretched abdominal muscles back together closing the gap that individuals often notice. Sagging skin can be then stretched down towards the pubic area and snipped off. Patients are often amazed by their tummy tuck before and after photographs.

Schedule Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

Anyone desiring to schedule a consultation regarding a tummy tuck by a Miami based plastic surgeon is urged to visit our site or call 305-595-2969.

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