How Painful Is a Tummy Tuck?

/How Painful Is a Tummy Tuck?

How Painful Is a Tummy Tuck?

The experience of getting a Miami tummy tuck is wonderful for most women who want to reinvent themselves after certain key life events. These events include childbirth, or a radical physical transformation. Both of these can create body situations where procedures like lipo and tucks are acceptable forms of surgical cosmetic improvement.

The Tummy Tuck Concerns of Women With Problem Pooches

Ah, the pooch! It’s an extraordinarily problematic area of the body. Many women are fit and firm before having a child, but develop problem areas after delivery. It’s a normal metabolic response by the body to store fat and nutrients for mutual mother and child use. Once the delivery is completed however, remaining fat and extra skin around the tummy is problematic. It is difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise. It causes terrible emotional feelings. A tuck could be the answer, but the pain of surgery is a concern. There are very real factors to consider when opting for a traditional tummy tucking surgery.

Yes, There is a Bit of Pain with a Tummy Tuck

A standard Miami tummy tuck surgery involves cutting through several layers of tissue. This sounds harsh, but it is nothing compared to something like a C-section. Expert cosmetic surgeons only address tissues and body layers that directly affect aesthetics and problem areas. Their actions minimize invasive actions, but sometimes result in post-op pain.

When tucks are performed, a great deal of skin and tissue manipulation can occur. This can include tissue removal. Whenever the human body is altered, it registers the alteration through pain receptors. Luckily, the majority of tissue that is involved in a tummy tuck, or a mini tummy tuck, has minimal pain receptors. What women feel after this type of surgery is intense discomfort, rather than extraordinary pain.

A healthy woman’s body is equipped with all of the necessary biological tools to recovery from surgery. Any pain from surgery should subside within a matter of weeks. This precludes a woman adhering to all doctor recommendations regarding tummy tuck recovery.

Tummy Tuck Pain Expectations

The first week to ten days after a tuck, women will feel high degrees of pain in the area that received alteration. This pain is easily combated with prescription pain medication and rest. Statistically, after ten days the pain is minimal, but some discomfort will remain. During this period, patients should lightly incorporate stretching and light athletic activity to reintroduce their midsections to normal movement.

Any woman who undergoes a tummy tuck should expect some severe pain for a couple of days after surgery, but a continual decrease in pain as the body adapts to the new structure. Two weeks is the target time for having no pain. Though there is no pain, a woman should observe doctor recommendations for adaptation for several months.

Tummy tuck recovery is one of the most important concerns for women interested in the procedure. There are endless tummy tuck before and after testimonials available to gauge if this treatment is right for certain individuals. In short, this procedure can be painful, but only temporarily. Expert tummy tuck Miami specialists can perform operations that achieve aesthetic ideals and minimize pain.

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