So Many Breast Lift Techniques To Choose From

/So Many Breast Lift Techniques To Choose From

So Many Breast Lift Techniques To Choose From

Breast lift techniques will vary greatly depending on the opinion of your plastic surgeon. The surgery may be recommended for sag due to old age or to correct the work of a previous breast augmentation. The size of the breasts will also be a major factor for which technique that should be used.

The Traditional Breast Lift (mastopexy)

A Mastopexy is mostly used for small or medium sized breasts needing that extra perkiness lost with the aging process. Excess skin will be used in order to tighten up the surrounding area. Doctors will recommend this for those that are in good physical shape since the recovery process from skin removal is daunting.

Natural Breast Lift With Exercise

Muscular hypertrophy of the chest muscles may offer a mini breast lift for those that are still young. As the muscle underneath expands, it will tighten the skin and raise the tissue. Push-ups can be done without the need of the gym and will increase under trained muscles significantly. Dumbbell flys and bench press exercise are recommended for those that are already well trained.

A Breast Lift With Fat Transfer

Filling the breasts with fat from other areas of the body may give your blossom a more natural look. Fat grafting may be offered in combination with a mastopexy. Fat transfer surgeries are still relatively new in the world of plastic surgery, but there are many successful cases.

The Lollipop Breast Lift / Vertical Breast Lift

This is a unique type of incision that avoids any horizontal cutting. The incision will circle around the areola and extend downward. As the name implies, it will leave a lollipop shape. This type of incision is suitable for those that do not want something as extreme as an anchor incision. It may result in less scarring while having significant results. If desired, the procedure will reduce the volume of the areolar size. Since the cut is vertical, the skin will be stretched horizontal. It is said by some that horizontal stretching leads to superior definition and firmness.

Periareolar Breast Lifts

Periareolar breast lifts are discreet incisions made with the addition of a small breast implant. Such procedures are made when a woman only wants a subtle lift. This procedure also offers one of the most minimal risks of scarring in comparison to the other options.

Circumareolar Breast Lifts

A Circumareolar breast lift is made to add minor lifts in addition to breast implants. This procedure will also involve trimming off the excess skin around the areola.

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