Are You a Better Candidate for Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck?

/Are You a Better Candidate for Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck?

Are You a Better Candidate for Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck?

Losing weight can be a difficult process for many women following a pregnancy, often sending some to consider a quick alternative for a variety of reasons. Some women are primarily interested in the cosmetic aspects of liposuction vs tummy tuck or even a mini tummy tuck, while others have more serious medical issues that can impact the choice. The decision concerning which method to choose is almost always centered on the goal of the patient, but there are a few aspects of both surgeries that should be considered before anyone begins the process. Most surgeons will urge the patient to choose the least invasive method when possible, which is liposuction, but there are many cases that will also require a more comprehensive removal of fat that could be a component of a complete tummy tuck surgery.

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from the abdomen area. The procedure produces minimal scarring, as a small incision is made on the side of the abdomen where the suction tube will be inserted. The fat is then mechanically removed from the belly area. The problem with liposuction is that it does not remove excess skin that will remain following the surgery. Repairing this residual problem will require surgery as well, which is another serious consideration. Liposuction works well for those women with minimal abdomen fat who could quickly return to their former shape.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

While liposuction can be a relatively simple process with easy recovery, a tummy tuck process is definitely not. This is an invasive surgical process requiring a surgeon to create a significant incision just above the pubic area. The surgeon then sutures the abdomen muscles together in an effort to tighten up the muscle composition in the body region. This procedure is directed specifically at the bell area and will leave significant scarring afterwards. The primary benefits of a Miami tummy tuck are that no excess skin will detract from the cosmetic improvement and the surgery can serve as a permanent repair. The primary disadvantage is that the recovery time is similar to other forms of invasive surgery, requiring more follow up visits to the surgeon for a surgery wound inspection.

Making the right decision: Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

Anyone in south Florida who is considering liposuction vs tummy tuck should consult with Dr. Max Polo to discuss your options and potential for a successful weight removal procedure following a pregnancy.

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