Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

/Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

Large breasts are often perceived as blessings for women because they fill out a figure that’s readily accepted in this society. However, the breasts can also grow too large for a woman’s frame. Affected individuals might seek out the help of their doctors in the form of a breast reduction. Questions usually abound when it comes to insurance coverage, however. Depending on the situation, breast reduction surgery may or may not be covered.

Breast Reduction Cosmetic Purposes

When you look into breast reduction Miami, consider the reasons behind your interest. You might be unhappy with the way your breasts look, or the nipple area seems unattractive. Changing your body because of personal reasons is not grounds for insurance coverage to kick in. You’re welcome to pay out of pocket for these services, but no policy covers at-will procedures.

Considering the Weight Issue with Breast Reduction

The majority of patients who require reductions are suffering at a medical level. The breasts may be so large that they’re creating back, shoulder and neck problems. Chronic pains and ailments might plague the patients. In these cases, insurance companies cover reductions. They want to avoid any further claims by the patients because of continued pains in the rest of the body.

Falling Under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998

This woman’s act was put into law as a response to growing concerns for cancer patients. The loss of a breast to cancer is a difficult situation, especially if insurers refuse to cover any reconstructive procedures. Breast reduction surgeries, in particular, are covered by insurance when the situation falls under WHCRA. You may have one breast larger than another after a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Reducing the size of the original breast achieves a symmetry that’s better for the patient.

Working With Your Breast Reduction Doctor

Your doctor can work with you on a safe solution to your chest concerns. Breast reduction recovery takes some time so you’ll schedule it when rest can be prioritized afterward. Scheduling it several weeks or months beforehand also gives you a chance to work with your physician and insurance company. When everyone is on the same page, the procedure’s cost can be covered as fairly as possible.

Most women report a world of difference before and after breast reduction. Regardless of the breast reduction Miami insurance implications, seek out the treatment that’s best for your life. Contact us to schedule a private consultation today.

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