Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction

/Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction

Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction

After pregnancy, many women want to enhance the shape of their breasts. They may be worried, however, about how breast reduction surgery affects their ability to breastfeed, should they choose to have more children. Ahead, learn about the affect breast reduction has on the body.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

This procedure, also known as reduction mammaplasty, helps women achieve breasts that are in proportion with their figure. During the surgery, tissue, fat, and skin are removed, leaving women with smaller, perkier breasts. This surgery is often performed as part of a Mommy Makeover, as it helps mothers regain their pre-pregnancy figures.

Is Breastfeeding After a Breast Reduction Possible?

Many women will still be able to breastfeed after undergoing this procedure. It depends on whether the nerves, breast tissue, or milk ducts are damaged during the surgery. To breastfeed, the areola and nipple must still be attached to the surrounding breast tissue. If this fundamental connection has been severed, women may find that their milk flow is diminished.

When performing the surgery, most surgeons choose to protect the lactation function. There are many reduction techniques, but there is one that has the least effect on breastfeeding. During this type of procedure, surgeons do not completely remove the areola. This leaves the connection between the breast tissue and the nipple somewhat in tact.

Time is also key. The longer a woman waits after her Miami breast reduction procedure, the more likely she is to produce milk post-birth. Breast tissue also has the ability to reconnect with the nipple. To hasten this process, many surgeons recommend breast stimulation.

What Is Breast Reduction Recovery Like?

After the reduction procedure is performed, patients generally recover within two to six weeks. In the days following the procedure, patients are required to wear a surgical bra over their bandage. Many patients choose to wear this bra, which minimizes discomfort and swelling, for several weeks after the procedure. During these initial weeks, patients may experience bruising, swelling, and itchiness. This eventually subsides, but it’s important to be cautious. Patients shouldn’t do any strenuous activities for weeks post-op, as it can lead to inflammation.

If you’re considering breast reduction in Miami, our surgeons can help you achieve the results of your dreams. For more information about the procedure, take a look at our before and after breast reduction photos, which showcase the impact of this surgery. Contact us soon to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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