Will Insurance Cover an Abdominoplasty in Miami, FL?

/Will Insurance Cover an Abdominoplasty in Miami, FL?

Will Insurance Cover an Abdominoplasty in Miami, FL?

Deciding on an abdominoplasty Miami FL procedure with a top plastic surgeon is not hard when the prospective patient has all of the facts. This cosmetic procedure is often performed as an elective surgery to improve the tone and appearance of the patient’s abdominal region. However, there are medical conditions where the patient suffers pain or experiences life threatening area umbilical hernia with accompanying intestinal protrusion or strangulation. In these cases, many leading health insurance plans will pay for the surgery if a medical doctor signs off and the patient meets specific criteria.

Facts Regarding Abdominoplasty Miami FL

An abdominoplasty is also referred to as a full tummy tuck. This operation lifts up the abdominal skin and fat tissue away from the abdominal muscles. If there is an opening or hernia of those abdominal muscles, the surgeon can repair the hernia by suturing the two sides of those muscles back into their normal place. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and full recovery will take several months. There is also a mini tummy tuck that is less extensive.

Important Abdominoplasty Recovery Instructions

It is crucial for patients to follow all of the discharge instructions. Patients can expect to have an abdominal dressing and possibly small fluid drainage tubes. It is important for patients to keep the surgical site clean and to wear nonbinding comfortable clothes. Patients are not to lift heavy objects until everything has healed. The patient should take it easy for about 2 weeks, and they should avoid any straining of the abdomen. Patients should avoid exposing the surgical incisions to the sun for 6 months to a year. Smoking should be avoided as this lowers the needed oxygen in the bloodstream. Most patients will feel better within a week if there are no complications like wound infections or other issue.

Expected Abdominoplasty Costs

Abdominoplasty Miami FL costs are hard to pinpoint exactly due to variations in surgical time, supplies and other factors. Most plastic surgery practices have a representative that can figure out a cost effective plan for each patient. Some practices offer assistance in finding health related loans and can aid the patient in getting the necessary information regarding any healthcare insurance plans.

Abdominoplasty Miami FL Consultation

Call Miami Plastic Surgery at 305-595-2969 to schedule a consultation visit. Browse the company’s informative website by accessing abdominoplasty Miami FL website today.

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