Abdominal Procedures Liposuction Miami, FL

/Abdominal Procedures Liposuction Miami, FL

Abdominal Procedures Liposuction Miami, FL

Every plastic surgery procedure is likely to require a little recovery time. What should you expect to experience during Liposuction Miami, FL recovery? Read our recovery tips and prepare yourself.

Liposuction Miami, FL – How Long is Recovery?

Most of the Liposuction Miami, FL procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia. You can go home, walk and eat, the same day. Typically, your area will have a compression garment or elastic bandages to minimize bruising and swelling. This helps the skin and tissue re-attach itself, healing as one to create your new body contours. Our staff will teach you how to care for your body, which medications are advisable and how to avoid infections post surgery. Our Max Makeover Miami abdominoplasty staff might start follow-up postoperative activities as early as the next day. When you return for post-op appointments, just explain how you are feeling. We will look at the area and see how it is healing. It might take you about two months for your new body to wrap itself into its new shape.

Let Others Care For You

You might want to be a superhero and do it all yourself, but don’t. Let others help you out for at least the first three days. You probably should not lift heavy weights – get some help and let others do the heavy lifting while you recover. Be sure to stock your fridge with the best foods for Miami Lipo recovery such as: papaya, pineapple, ginger, prune juice, saltine crackers, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread and water.

Liposuction Miami, FL – Compression Garment

On the first day, make sure that your compression garment fits properly. This will compress, compact and contour the area to the desired shape. Make sure that you have one that is comfortable and well-fitting. In truth, liposuction is best for body contouring, reshaping and contouring of your thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest, cheeks, chin, neck, calves, ankles and waist. It should not be used as a replacement for eating properly and working out. In fact, we will check on your diet during your post-op visits. If you had Lipo done with other procedures, then recovery will likely take more time. You will want to take it easy, allowing all parts of your body to heal properly. We want you to look great in your bikini after liposuction in Miami, FL. We want to provide you with all the answers you need. Contact us today for more information. Liposuction Miami FL can be a great way to make you look stunning. If you follow the proper recover tips, you can be looking your best in no time flat.

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